The Myndr dial isn't working when I change it's position

The dial isn't working when I change it's position

If turning the dial doesn't have the expected result, please check the following:

Is the dial registered?
Before a Myndr dial can be used, it must be registered in the Myndr dashboard. Please ask your IT department.

Are the batteries placed correctly?
Slide the dial up and off the wall plate and look at the back. The left battery should be placed with the plus sign upwards, the right battery should have the plus sign downwards.
To make sure the batteries make good contact, take them out, wait 10 seconds, and put them back in. Due to the power interruption the dial is reset, you will hear a short sound after about a minute. (If the sound is a two tone going down, it's time to replace the batteries.)
Try again if the dial works.

Do the batteries have enough power left?
The batteries should surely last about a year with normal use. If you've been using the dial longer than that, or sooner if you use it more than 10 times a day, the dial will start to emit beeps to indicate the batteries should be replaced.
The IT department should be able to tell you if the batteries need to be replaced.

Is the Myndr plugin installed correctly?
Use a student laptop to visit the Myndr plugin status page at That page should clearly state to which dial the laptop is connected. If it does not, please ask the IT department to (re)install the plugin.

Is the signal of the dial getting though?
This can be checked in the Myndr dashboard. Look up the specific switch, check if the position in the dashboard is the same as the dial. Turn the dial, wait 20 seconds, and refresh the page. Is the position in the dashboard not the same as the one on the dial? If you did not try before, please try and take out the batteries for 10 seconds and put them back in. Wait for a minute and try again.

If nothing works, don't hesitate to contact us!

Updated on: 11/17/2022

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